35% Transfer Bonus of British Airways Avios Miles from American Express

Right now British Airways is offering a 35% bonus for American Express points transferred to British Airways.  This is valid until June 7, 2013.  British Airways Avois are a great value on short segments, or on certain key routes.  For example:

  • One-way Boston – Dublin 12,500 Avois
  • One-way Charlotte – New York City 4,500 Avois
  • One-way Cuzco – Lima 4,500 Avois

With this promotion you can obtain these routes even cheaper.  I may make a Boston – Dublin redemption soon on Avios.


Avis Swap

Being Avis Preferred Presidents Club I usually receive great service.  I am getting tired of the Chrysler 300m i had all week, so i swapped out out for a Volvo s60.  Boom.

Out with the old

In with the new

total exchange time was 15 minutes.

A Leveraged Swap: 12,000 Diners Club Points to 18,000 British Airways

Right now Diners Club is offering a 25% bonus for transfers to American Airlines.  And American Express is offering a 35% bonus for transfers to British Airways.  Lady Tocqueville has Diners Club.  I need British Airways.  Specifically 18,000 British Airways.

I found a coworker to trade.  I gave him 15,000 American Airlines, funded by 12,000 Diners Club points.  He gave me 18,000 British Airways, funded by 14,000 American Express.  A 50% bonus!

This has topped off my British Airways account with 30,000 points, something I will use for a future booking, hopefully for something exciting

Anecdotal Evidence of US Airways Award Bookings on Lufthansa Going Away

From reading some flyertalk threads, I have noticed US Airways Dividend Miles members are having trouble making award bookings after October 31, 2013 that involve Lufthansa, even in Economy or Business.  For some time, US Airways has been blocking Lufthansa First class award bookings.  But this, if confirmed, would be a huge and negative development for the US Airways Dividend Miles program.

Maybe it is something in anticipation of the upcoming US Airways / American Airways Merger.

Here are two specific data points noted by Flyertalk users attempting to make these award bookings:

Ok – I just retried my original booking for DUB-FRA on Jan 2, 2014. As I mentioned upthread, every source (ANA, UA, etc…) show plenty of availability for this flight. Chairman’s desk said no availability for the entire day.

I then decided to check out some additional data points. First, I tried the same route (DUB-FRA) on October 30, 2013 and the agent was able to see the same availability as was showing up on ANA and UA – plenty of C and Y seats available.

Then I checked for November 2, 2013. Once again, ANA and UA show plenty of availability but the agent said nothing was available for that day.

Seems there may be something up with that October 31st date and award seats on LH being blocked. Hopefully this is just temporary but I’m afraid it may not be.



Yep, I just had the same issue here. Trying to book an award USA to GVA with a stopover there then on to SYD and return back to NYC. Only two segments are on LH (FRA-GVA) however I have now spoken to 3 US agents who say there is no availability the entire day on any of the LH flights. Both UA.com and ANA shows that it’s wide open in all classes. Travel is for March 2014. They can find every other flight for this trip except for the LH segments. This is a pain. It will add a lot of other unnecessary segments to this trip in order to redeem.


Stay tuned, but this would be a sad development.  Lufthansa Business class has solid availability to get people over the Atlantic and on to Asia for many award itineraries.  I have recently booked friends on Lufthansa Business for Atlanta – Frankfurt, Charlotte – Munich, Munich – Zagreb, amongst other routes.  We’ll see what the future spells.