Platinum Plus – The New Marriott Status?

On my flight yesterday, I overheard my seat opponent call a Marriott hotel to make a reservation, he said:

Hello, this is Fred. P. calling, a Platinum Plus, member and I would like to make a reservation for XYZ hotel on XYZ date…


I chuckled to myself.  You see, up until January, I thought there were only 3 tiers of Marriott elite status: Platinum; Gold; and Silver.  That was until I received my Platinum Premier card in the mail in January.  It is an unpublished higher tier, that doesn’t offer many other benefits except a few more bonus points.  And they sent me a free Marriott toiletry kit.


The only Platinum Plus I have ever heard of is a shuttered strip club in Memphis.  So this interaction cracked me up.

Well it seems if Marriott is not clear in its terminology, or at least the marketplace perception of what this status is called.  Case in point, I posted this on facebook about this interaction:

Overheard my seat opponent this morning on the phone with Marriott, “yes good morning, this is Mike M., i am a Platinum Plus member, and i would like a reservation…” Ha ha, there is no “platinum plus” elite level. However my friends in Memphis tell me there is a Platinum Plus there… Maybe he is enrolled in a loyalty program there.


Without my prompting of the correct name, this is what frequent travel facebook friends of mine replied:

I don’t know what to think of this, but someone in Tampa claimed they were a Marriott Platinum Plus member as well. Maybe there’s a secret society out there…..; and


It is a thing, it is not advertised, I was Platinum Plus a few years ago, I don’t know how it was achieved but all my stuff said Platinum Plus;

To share my understanding of this name nuance, I then noted:

It is called Platinum Premier per my membership card. Platinum Plus is a strip club in Memphis.

Even after this clarification, I still had friends of mine, that I consider saavy, note:

It’s a designation You get after 1000 or 1200 nights. It’s real


So either there is a secret status, even more secret than Platinum Premier, called Platinum Plus.  Or Marriott needs to better brand recognize their elite loyalty tiers.  Which is it?



The TSA Security Theater Picture Blog

A tumblr photo blog, TSA Security Theater, has been started for people to post their photos of the TSA.  Whether standing around on the job, groping your fellow Americans in the name of security, or generally wasting taxpayer money, submit your photos of the TSA.

A pretty funny concept if you ask me.  Let’s see if this catches on.

TSA Detains Two Passengers For Discussing a Sandwich

In the TSA Idiocy category, comes this story from yesterday noted by  From the article (emphasis mine):

Using slang at an airport could get you in trouble with the TSA: after a 29-year-old airline passenger described his lunch as “the bomb” – thereby indicating the deliciousness of his sandwich – he was detained, questioned and missed his flight.

His lunch was “the bomb,” but the security process was not: Jason Michael Cruz was at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport last Thursday when the Transportation Security Administration came after him.

How many malicious people, ready to carry-out an attack, would talk about bombs out loud to their companion?  While the bozos at the TSA are looking out and detaining these guys, they fail to catch undercover bomb smuggle tests, like this one noted here.  I love how RT finishes off the article:

Travelers wishing to avoid arrest should refrain from describing their lunch items as “the bomb” – even if they do provide an “explosion” of flavor. Speaking about contraptions at an airport may more quickly lead to an arrest than discretely bringing one.

I think the comment that takes the cake comes from an anoymous commenter from the main article, as he says:

The only terrorist stupid enough to announce that he has a actual bomb on him would be a TSA worker.

Can’t make this stuff up folks.