Darlington Police Assault – Will it Bring an Internal Investigation?

The Darlington Police assault, discussed on this blog here: http://freeinfreedom.com/2013/05/13/darlington-sc-police-assault-of-video-journalist/ now has almost 400 views on youtube.  The offending police department and law enforcement officer (LEO) have still not been identified.  However, one lead on the offending LEO has been brought to the attention of DeTocqueville.  One suspect who could be the officer assaulting the journalist in the video, Darlington Sheriff’s Deputy and Gang Investigations Unit Leader Ben Weatherford, has been tweeted to the Head of the Sheriff’s department and a member of the local media in Florence, SC.  No word on if an internal investigation has begun.


A screen capture of the video matched against photos taken from the Darlington Sheriff’s Department facebook bring two photos which reveal the suspected police officer.  The first photo the officer’s identify is unknown, but appears to be an excellent match of the suspected officer.  The second photo is known to be Ben Weatherford, has has decent likeness to the suspected officer, but not a lead pipe lock like the first.

Screen Capture of the Assault:

Officer who commits assault on journalist

Officer who commits assault on journalist

Potential Officer: At the top right of this photo.

The Potential Officer is believed, although not confirmed, to be Ben Weatherford.

Only confirmation by the Darlington Sheriff’s department based on their internal investigation will identify who the suspected offending officer is.

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