Longest US Airways Regional Jet Flight?

Today, I embark on a flight from Charlotte to San Antonio on US Airways.  This flight is operated by US Airways partner carrier Mesa Airlines, and is 1,095 nautical miles in distance.  And it is in a Regional Jet!  As far as I can tell, this is the longest distance Regional Jet US Airways flies.  Can anyone think of a longer route?

Possibly the longest US Airways Regional Jet Flight

Possibly the longest US Airways Regional Jet Flight

Fortunately, at the end of 2011 US Airways had First Class installed on all their Regional Jet cabins.  I have been upgraded, making this flight a bit more bearable.  What would be unbearable, however, would be this flight in a CR-2.  This flight not only does not have a First Class but also has a more cramped, uncomfortable cabin.  I used to do Charlotte – Birmingham weekly in the CR-2, which is bearable at an hour.  However a Charlotte – Minneapolis or Philadelphia to Minneapolis in a CR-2 would be a brutalizer.

Song of the Summer ’13 – Cole Swindell – Chillin’ It

So I heard a great country song on Sirius XM radio today.  It is a new one from young’n Cole Swindell – called Chillin’ It.  This Georgia native crushes it with a chill, upbeat, and great song for hanging out with your friends at the lake or a NASCAR race on a beautiful summer day.


I have already listened to it so many times it is driving Lady Tocqueville crazy.

Cheers to those getting “tangled up” this summer.  If yu

It Appears US Airways Won’t Let You Change Seats On Their Website When Booked by a Travel Agent

For all my corporate work travel, we have to use a travel agent, American Express.  In the past, I would book my flights with American Express for US Airways.  Once the flights ticketed, usually 30 minutes after I booked, I would get a confirmation number that I could enter on the US Airways website to look at my booking, and to change my seat.  However, today for the first time when trying to do this I got the error message on the US Airways site, “We’re Sorry, to change your seat contact your travel agent.”

US Airways won't let you change seats for travel agent booked flights

US Airways won’t let you change seats for travel agent booked flights

This is a new development.  I wonder if they will do the same for Expedia/Orbitz etc. booked flights?  Or even Award tickets from other airlines.