Qantas Offering Chauffer Service to Business and First Class Customers on Longhaul = AWESOME

5 days ago, the View From The Wing blog noted that Qantas is adding free chauffeur service for first and business class customers flying on Qantas metal on their long-haul flights to the USA, Dubai, and London.

This is great news for me because on the Trip of a Million Lifetimes we have one of the coveted long-haul Qantas legs in business class, Sydney to Dallas.  We actually have other Qantas flights as well, including:

Noumea – Sydney – Melbourne (stopover)

Melbourne – Cairns (stopover)

Cairns – Sydney (stopover); then as noted

Sydney – Dallas

I think normally the pick-up drop off service is only supposed to apply to your long-haul flight and any connections you have to it.  Well I checked the Qantas website, and it treats all our legs above as valid connections for the service.  Thus they are offering Lady Tocqueville and I a total of four chauffer pickups!  They are:

  • Airport pick-up at Melbourne
  • Airport drop-off at Melbourne
  • Airport pick-up at Sydney
  • Airport drop-off at Sydney
  • In Cairns, we have a rental car and wouldn’t need this service anyway

We were going to take taxis, or the city bus, so this is a massive, free perk I value at around at least $300 USD.

Here is how to register on-line for this awesome service:

  1. In my case, I had an American Oneworld Explorer Award.  I called American and asked for my Qantas record locator number.
  2. I then went on the Qantas website, and under ‘Manage my booking’ put in the record locator number and my last name.
  3. Once there, I clicked on “book now” under customize your journey.
  4. This screen showed all my eligible legs, and I registered our flight information for each one.
  5. Our flight arrival times and terminals were prepopulated.  I keyed in our hotel addresses and we were good as gold as they say down under.

Click Manage Your Booking

Click manage your booking

Book Now

All our eligible flights were displayed

All our eligible flights were displayed

I had to do this again for Lady Tocqueville based on her record locator number.  I have got to believe Qantas or their chauffeur vendor are smart enough to combine our rides, instead of send 2 limos to pick us up at the same time for each segment.  However, we will find out!

How awesome is this!


TSA Regulations Have Now Been Expanded to Search Valet Cars

Yes, the same agency which brought you the Nude-O-Scope and #TSAShoulderSyndrome now brings you random searches of your valet parked cars at the airport.  In the same of safety and security and at the expense of personal liberty and the natural law, the TSA deems these searches as necessary.

The story here from News 10 in Rochester, New York.

If they are so effective, why aren’t valet cars outside of concerts, sports games, or conventions searched?  Why only at the airport?  Is it because that is the only place the Federal Government’s Homeland Security Department has been able to get a mandate?  Are they trying to find every way to expand further into our lives?

“but Tocqueville, without the government, who will build the roads!?”