5. Sheraton Lima

5. Sheraton Lima

Sheraton Lima

Lima, Peru

1 night cash + points redemption

Junior Suite Upgrade

After our short flight from Cuzco, we arrived in Lima.  We had arranged via e-mail for a taxi driver to pick us up.  His name was Fernando, and we got his information off a thread in Flyertalk.  He was very friendly, prompt, and shared some insights about the city with us as we made the 45 minute drive to the hotel.  Over the course of our 36 hours in Lima, we used him many times for airport rides.

We arrived at the hotel around 2:30PM.  Lima felt very sketchy compared to Cuzco, and the district we were staying in, Centro, while close to some beautiful historic squares and attractions, and next to a semi-upscale mall, felt a bit icky.  But this is a developing sprawling metropolis of 11 million people.  So we went with the flow.

Check-in was actually a bit shaky, and took about 20 minutes.  Lady Tocqueville had a seperate room reservation than me.  Hers was slated for her parents, who would be arriving later that night.  Mine was for us.  Since we were both platinum, we made separate cash+points reservations for 1,500 SPG points and a co-pay of $30 per night.  Both rooms were upgraded to Junior Suites via Confirmed Upgrade certificates prior to check-in.  Both were given lounge access.  No Platinum check-in amenity was offered for either reservation, and when I asked for it, the hotel graciously offered to Peruvian Tumi replicas, which look like Inca-period ornamental cutting knives.  These would be fun to get through TSA security.

Since Lady Tocqueville and I had a 1:35AM flight the following day, we only needed our room for one night.  We requested a late check-out, and the hotel generously gave us a 6PM check-out the following day, which was great.


Front of the Sheraton Lima with Bellman


Junior Suite upgrade room 1129.

First room of suite included a bathroom with a toilet and sink, and a living area, table with flat screen TV
More of the front room of the suite. Even though we were on the 11th floor, a decent bit of Lima traffic and honking could be heard

Front room TV

Master bedroom.  The bed was pretty comfortable.  There was no direct temperature control in either room.  Only a fan that would blow cold air in the afternoon and heat in the evening that you could set to high, medium, or low.  I think our heater/cooler within the fan was broken because all it would pump out was room temperature air.  However, Lady Tocqueville’s parents worked as directed in their room.
The master bath was huge with a separate shower, toilet, bidet, bathtub, and large jack and jill sinksIMAG0390
The concierge lounge on 18 had a decent spread for afternoon tea, including free sparking wine.IMAG0391
The lounge looked like a 1980’s old folks high-rise retirement home.  However, it was a comfortable and quiet respite from the madness of Lima.  Not pictures are a couple computers with printers for printing boarding passes and the like.IMAG0392

The hotel sent up a fruit plate along with the Peruvian Tumi to the left.

Overall, our stay was comfortable enough, and a great value at 1,500 SPG + $30 per night.  I am glad we got to see Lima, as we did some great sightseeing and gastronomic adventures while in the city.  It lacks the charm of Cuzco, and reminds me a lot of Mexico City.

On check-out, we were issued a “check-out card” which was new to me.  We had to hand this to the bellman on the way out as proof we had paid for the room.  We jumped into a cab to head to dinner (at the famous Astrid y Gaston), and from dinner took a cab to the airport to head to our next destination, the fascinating Easter Island.

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  1. You really got a deal on lodging there. I’m also SPG with about 200K points at moment. Lima is indeed fascinating, but like LA, NYC, MX City, etc, has plenty of ugly mixed in, places you don’t want to go at all, ever. :-)

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