8. IPC-SCL on LA in J

8. IPC-SCL on LA in J

Easter Island – Santiago

LA 842

Departure Time: 1:10PM

Boeing 767

Business Class Seat 4A

Duration 4.5 hours

After 3 great days in Easter Island, my wife and I boarded our flight from Easter Island to Santiago.  LAN had done a great job with a comfortable flight on the way into Easter Island three days before, and we were looking forward to a comfortable flight to Santiago.  A comfortable flight is exactly what we got.

The flight was pretty full, and so the Easter Island airport lounge was busy, but not too packed.  The airport is open air and breezy, and comfortable while waiting for your flight.  The incoming flight from Santiago landed right on time, one hour before our departure.  Sure enough, in that hour they were able to deplane, offload bags and cargo, and reload the passengers and provisions.  We got off on time.

We boarded in the “preferente” line, this time doing so with more confidence than back in Lima because we had “Premium Business” marked on our boarding pass.

Premium Business check-in at IPC was very quick.  We were checked in within a matter of minutes.
The jetway in Easter Island, a bit more “islander” than your typical jetway back home.
The 767 which would take us back to Santiago.
A better shot of our 767 back to Santiago.
The business class cabin on our flight from Easter Island to Santiago.
Awesome legroom demonstration on LAN business class.

Pre-departure beverages were offered, either water, champagne, or orange juice.  Lady Tocqueville and I were both thirsty, so we opted for water.  We took off on-time, and enjoyed excellent views of the island on our way out over the pacific.
The lunch menu was pretty solid, and the drink menu strong too.
Lady Tocqueville ordered the beef, which was overcooked and chewy.  I, on the otherhand, went with the Agnolotti pasta, which was delicious and really hit the spot.  I paired it with the suggested Sauvignon Blanc, and was pretty pleased with my decision.  Check it out, below.

During lunch, I watched the movie Ted with Mark Wahlberg about that Teddy Bear turned miscreant.  It was pretty funny, and I enjoyed it.  After that, I started watching episodes back-to-back-to-back of season seven of Entourage from HBO.  The episodes were edited for drug use, nudity, and language, but somehow still entertaining.

The flight went by quickly and comfortably.  Before I knew it, we were on final descent into Santiago.  I was excited to get into Santiago to meet up with Lady Tocqueville’s parents who were waiting on us at the hotel, and to check out mainland Chile.

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