17. Marriott Renaissance Sao Paulo

17. Marriott Renaissance Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Renaissance

Sao Paulo, Brazil

2 nights point redemption

Club Lounge Access

Our bus ride from Sao Paulo airport to the Renaissance Sao Paulo in the Paulista district of Sao Paulo was an uneventful hour long journey on a very comfortable coach/charter bus called Airport Bus ServiceWe arrived at the hotel at 10:15AM, and were greeted by a very friendly check-in agent.  He noted that we were staying for two nights on points, and thanked me for being a Platinum Marriott Rewards member.  He said a room was available for us for being a Platinum member, and although it was not an upgraded room, it had a great view and for two weary travelers who had just stayed in three different non-hotel lodgings it was a site for sore eyes.  For our Platinum Check-in Amenity we selected local beer and cheese, which was to be delivered at 5PM.

Overall, the Renaissance Sao Paulo was very generous to us.  They gave us an early check-in at 10:15AM.  On the day we left, they gave us a most generous I’ve ever had check-out of 7:00PM.  Their concierge lounge was huge, it took up 1/2 of the 23rd floor.  It had many comfortable seating areas, great views, and massive complimentary food and drink spreads.  And with our early check-in, we went up and had breakfast there on the first day of our stay.

Room 1902, near the elevator bank.  Now that I think about it, the walls and doors were a tad bit thin, but the noise of traffic to and from the elevator wasn’t materially distracting.
The entrance to room 1902
A Marriott Renaissance king bed after our last three accommodations really hit the spot.  I took a photo of our amazing view of massive Sao Paulo, but I think I accidentally deleted it.  It kind-of-sort-of looked like this.
A comfortable bathroom with seperate tub and shower.  I can’t figure out if that thing next to the toilet is a bidet or a foot wash or what.
The recently renovated club lounge was massive.  Here during the mornings was the grains and fruit portion of breakfast.  At night, these were canapes and mini-appetizers.  To the right is the full bar, with a bartender at night making awesome complimentary mixed drinks, including Caipirinhas.
More awesome breakfast spread.
Hot breakfast spread continued

A view of some of the night time munchies.  To the right they also had 4 different hot dinner entrees.  They were all delicious.

One oddity of the hotel was that when we first arrived and whenever we left or came back there were two dozen or more teenie-boppers standing on the sidewalk outside of the hotel.  At first, I thought they were a field trip.  And then we kept seeing them, sometimes as many as 100, and always more than 25.  Even after a big night out, when we took a taxi back to the hotel at 2:30AM, they were there!  What the hell?

Well, we asked the hotel, and they said the hotel had an American music group staying at the hotel for an upcoming concert.  They couldn’t share the name of the band for client confidentiality sake, so we went outside and asked the gaggle of girls who they were waiting on.  They told us Emblem3.  Neither of us had ever heard of Emblem3, so we looked them, and I felt like their top song on youtube was rubbish.  However, these girls are fanatical.  In fact, we were taking a nap one afternoon around 4PM, when we were awaken to shouts and screams.  Yes, Emblem3 had either come or gone from the hotel, and the girls let loose so loudly that we were able to hear it on the 19th floor.  Incredible!

We really enjoyed our stay in Sao Paulo, and the awesome location of the Renaissance.  It is in a great business area, with lots of shopping, people watching, and things to do.  It was right on the subway line, and we never had difficulty keeping ourselves entertained in the Paulista area.

The hotel’s concierge, Sergio, was extremely attentive and helpful. He gave us great walking tour itineraries, restaurant, bar, and club reservations, and even helped us exchange a little money when in a pinch.  One bar he recommended, BarAstor, in the Villa Magalena district, was our favorite.  They have an underground speakeasy with very professional bartenders making top notch unique cocktails.  For us that is a must visit if you like bar nightlife.

We did our 7PM check-out, and then went to the club lounge until 11PM to wait around until we took a taxi to the airport for our next flight, the monster 13 hour Sao Paulo – Istanbul on Turkish airways.  The flight wasn’t to leave until 3AM, so we had plenty of time to kill.  So we just chilled until the cab came.

Next time I am in Sao Paulo, I will definitely stay here!  At 25,000 Marriott Points per night, this was an excellent value for a $300+ per night hotel.

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