27. Marriott Renaissance Baltic St. Petersburg

27. Marriott Renaissance Baltic St. Petersburg

Renaissance Baltica St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Russia

3 night points redemption

Top Floor Upgrade

The taxi ride from St. Petersburg airport to the Marriott Renaissance Baltic (or Baltica as they say it) took about 40 minutes.  We arrived just before 4PM in the afternoon.  St. Petersburg was decorated everywhere for the G20 conference, which had just taken place and I believe ended early.  Consequently, our hotel was oversold.  This did not impact us, and we were given room 808 on the top floor.  We were offered a Platinum check-in amenity of either 500 points, or some wine and cheese.  We went for the wine and cheese and asked for it to be delivered the following day at 7PM.

The hotel was an excellent value at 25,000 points per night, especially given that rates were going for USD800 and up due to the G20.  It was clean, comfortable, exceptionally located, and just right for us.  There is no Concierge Lounge and as a result the hotel offered us breakfast vouchers to use at the restaurant buffet each morning and two drink certificates per night good for a glass of wine or a beer and a soft drink or water.  Small water bottles were also provided in the room each night.

Lobby of the Marriott Renaissance Baltica.  The lobby area was actually smaller than I expected.
We were given room 808.
Our room was quite big for European standards.  I can’t figure out if this is the standard room or a suite upgrade.  Either way, we had a small “living room” with couch, table, tv and wardrobe.  The bathroom is not pictured and just off to the right.  It was clean with beautiful marble and an old-school looking scale.
The bedroom had a comfortable king sized bed, tv, dresser, and a great view of St. Petersburg.
A better look at the view.  In the historic part of St. Petersburg, Czar Peter the Great declared that no buildings could be taller than his Summer Palace, the Hermitage.  And that at its peak is 8 stories tall.  This hotel was 8 stories tall.
The breakfast spread was awesome and would have cost USD37 per day per person had we paid out of pocket.  Above is the fresh fruit station.
There were plenty of breads, pastries, and juices.  My favorite were decadent chocolate croissants that were rich and loaded with chocolate.

Russian Blinis were available, as well as bacon, sausage, hash browns, fried mushrooms, and stuffed tomatoes in the other cisterns.  This breakfast was more than adequate and was a great free benefit of being a Marriott Platinum member.  This saved us over $200 alone for our 3 night stay.

After 3 amazing nights which included the ballet at the Mariinsky theater, seeing the summer and winter palaces, visiting many of the beautiful Orthodox churches, and gorging ourselves on delicious Russian and Georgian food, it was time for us to head  back to the airport.  The hotel offered us as a Platinum courtesy a 3PM check-out, and we had the hotel order a cab (not their car service, which was 3x more expensive) and were on our way back to St. Petersburg LED airport.  We were embarking for Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam on Turkish Airlines.  We got to the airport after a 40 minute drive with the taxi driver blaring some awesome Russian Techno music.

We had enjoyed the last two weeks in Europe, but were excited for the next 8ish days to come in Asia.

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