34. KIX-HKG on NH in J

34. KIX-HKG on NH in J

Osaka, Japan to Hong Kong, China

NH 175
Departure Time: 10:55 AM

Boeing 767-300

Business Class Seat 5F

Duration 4 hours

The Limousine bus dropped us off at amazing Kansai Osaka airport.  What a marvel of modern engineering to build a massive international airport and runways on a man-made island in the sea.

We checked-in at the business class counter which had no line.  We were quickly through immigration and security and headed to the ANA lounge.

ANA lounge at KIX airport.

The ANA lounge was big, open, spacious, and quite comfortable.  Wi-Fi passwords were given out and we had a seat to take some tea, water, and some light snacks.  The breakfast at the Westin that morning had been great, but I had some stomach rumblings so I wanted to grab a bit of food before left for the plane.

View of the general lounge area at the ANA lounge at Osaka KIX airport.

The boarding area was also big, spacious and orderly.  Shortly before our 10:30AM boarding time, I asked the gate agents if they could print our onward connecting boarding passes.  We were flying on a one-way ticket from KIX – HKG – BKK – SYD – AKL – NOU and any boarding passes would be appreciated.  Unfortunately, the staff was not able to provide the onward boarding passes.
The gate area at KIX.
A view of our 767-300 that would take us to Hong Kong.  This was the same equipment we took for the SGN – NRT red-eye four days prior.

We boarded when boarding was called for the business class cabin.
View of the business class cabin during boarding.
While this cradle seat isn’t great for a red-eye, it was great for a day-time flight with plenty of room.
Take-off views were great from KIX.  Shortly after take-off we passed what I believed to be Kobe airport, also just chillin’ in the sea.
Lady Tocqueville and I started out with the Drappier Champagne to get things going.  Also a crunchy rice snack mix was provided in the blue bag.
The menu had a western choice and a Japanese choice.  We both wanted the western choice and that is what we ordered when the flight attendant came by.  Shortly after ordering our western meals, the flight attendant came back to say they were out of western meals and only had one.  I took one for the team and got the Japanese meal while Lady Tocqueville got the Western Meal.  Her Beef Cheek was pretty tasty.
The Japanese meal.  I just had the miso soup and a couple bites of some of the sushi items.  Everything else didn’t appeal all that much to me.

The Western meal.

During the flight I blogged, Lady T chillaxed and we made it into Hong Kong without incident at around 1PM Hong Kong time.  When we landed in Hong Kong before going through immigration and customs we stopped by the Thai Airways transfer counter.  Even though our flight on Thai Airways wasn’t until 23 hours from that moment, I wanted to see if we could get our boarding passes and lounge invitation cards.  Sure enough, the agent was able to get these printed for us and we had boarding passes for HKG – BKK, BKK – SYD, and SYD – AKL.  Also First Class lounge invitation cards for use at HKG.  The Thai agent we were working with then asked us for a contact phone number in case of disruption from the coming Typhoon.  Typhoon? It turns out a very strong Typhoon was barreling straight towards Hong Kong and would cause major flight disruptions.  Our flight the next day would be at 1:25PM with the eye of the Typhoon scheduled to arrive 8-12 hours after that.  Whoa!

We cleared customs and immigration and jumped on the amazingly convenient Hong Kong Airport Express train for the 24 minute ride to Hong Kong station.  At Hong Kong station we took a taxi the short distance to our hotel, the JW Marriott Hong Kong.  We would be staying one night.

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