37. Friend’s Air Mattress, Auckland

37. Friend’s Air Mattress, Auckland

D-man’s 30 square meter flat

Auckland, New Zealand

1 night free of charge

Regular Bed Upgrade

D-man picked us up at Auckland airport around 3PM in his hatchback Audi.  He brought is lovely girlfriend, A-Lady to meet us as well.  It was about a 25 minute ride to his flat in Auckland.  I had contacted D-man about our journey a few months in advance.  We met back in 2011 on a Spring Break cruise in the Caribbean, introduced by a mutual friend.  He told me to call him if we ever made it to New Zealand.  So we did and he rolled out the red carpet for us.

Our first stop was at the grocery store to stock up on some Kiwi treats.  We bought some Pineapple Lumps and a Minced Meat Pie amongst other things.

D-man’s flat is in the Citta building very close-in to downtown Auckland.  It is only 30 square meters and thus tight quarters.  To welcome Lady Tocqueville and I, D-man cleaned the place from top to bottom and even arranged for he and A-Lady to sleep at a friend’s house a few minutes away.  Yes, he was giving us his bed which he has nicknamed “The Cloud”.  He was quite the gracious host.

I had been to New Zealand for 10 days for an amazing trip in 2009.  Lady Tocqueville has never been and this stop was way too short for sure.  After catching up on the latest and greatest about our mutual friends D-man and A-Lady took us for a drive along Auckland’s North Shore.  After cruising around we headed to the Thai restaurant where he had made reservations for us.  A few of their friends also joined us.  Being the restaurant is Bring Your Own (BYO) Alcohol, D-man keenly bought some wine along with our Pineapple Lumps at the store on our way in from the airport.
D-man’s amazing bed, “The Cloud”.
D-man’s living room.

We had a great time meeting D-man’s friends and chatting with them over a meal of delicious Thai Food.  While Lady Tocqueville found the Tom Kha Coconut Chicken Soup to be average, I was a big fan.  And the lamb curry hit the spot for me.

Oddly the Thai restaurant brings out the side dish of rice in “penis & testicles” formation.  Sawadeekop.

We were pretty tired from our long transit in from Hong Kong so we skipped desert and after dinner headed to “The Cloud” to get some sleep.  We would have to leave D-man’s around 6:45AM the following day to catch our flight to Noumea.

The next morning D-man picked us up and had us at Auckland airport by 7:30AM for our 8:30AM departure.

We have stayed in quite a few different accommodations on our Trip of a Million Lifetimes.  Hostels, 5 star hotels, and Wine Farm Guesthouses to name a few.  “The Cloud” was certainly a unique stop on our trip.  We are very grateful to D-man and A-Lady for greeting us so cheerfully and taking the time to show us around (and give us their bed!).  We hope to return the favor one day in the future for them.

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