Hong Kong, China to Bangkok, Thailand: Thai Airways First Class Fare

On our flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok, Tocqueville and I had our first taste of first class fare.  It all started off with a 2004 Dom Perignon champagne.  I checked online, and these bottles appear to be selling at about $175 a pop.  We also concluded the meal with a glass of the Baron Otard 1795 Extra Cognac, which seems to retail around $260 a bottle.  Wow!

Thankfully Tocqueville had done his research, and he knew to pre-order the Lobster Thermidor.  You’ll notice it’s not listed on the menu below.  When it arrived on our amply-sized first-class cabin tables, more than a few fellow passengers seemed to be eying our entrees with jealousy.  Let me just say it was delicious!  Absolutely mouth-watering, rich, and tender.  I hope you enjoy the visual feast below.







First course: boiled scallop and marinated prawn, served with a fava bean, tomato, and mint salad


Main course: Lobster Thermidor served with mashed potatoes, broiled asparagus, and roasted red and yellow peppers


Cheese and fruit course:


Dessert: Raspberry sorbet with a glass of the cognac


I never expected airplane food to taste so good.  This was truly a memorable experience we were blessed to have had!

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    • @Patricia – go to Thai Airways website and click “Manage Your Booking”. Key your record locator number (Thai one) and it will show you amongst the options to “pre-book your meal”. Happy flying!

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