Who Would Strip Search a disable 82 year-old Lady Without Probable Cause? The TSA Would!

A shocking story I just came across from Phoenix, where TSA airport screeners ran a strip search on an elderly passenger with a prosthesis.

An AP Photo of a Passenger Being Screened Without Warrant by a See-Through Body Scanner

Per USA Today:

PHOENIX — An 82-year-old woman in a wheelchair reaches the front of the security-screening line at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’s Terminal 4 as she waits to board a flight to London on a Friday evening in June 2012.

The metal detector beeps over her chest. She explains she has a prosthesis. She’d opted out of reconstructive surgery after the breast cancer.

Transportation Security Administration agents take the woman to a room and order her to take off her blouse. Then her bra. Then her prosthesis, which they examine. The elderly woman strips to her waist, with nothing to hide her scars.

The 4th amendment says you are to be free of searches and seizures unless a signed warrant is issued against you.  Why do these innocent Americans get humiliated and violated?  Are Americans really going to stand for searches due to Federal Agency Directive instead of judge-signed warrant?  Didn’t we fight a war of secession against Britain partially because the King ordered soldiers could write their own warrants to search whoever, whenever?



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