Cleaners find $1.9M worth of gold bars in plane toilet

That is the headline from USAToday.  Flydubai airline cleaners found the gold buillon in the toilet.  By my calculation that is about 90 pounds of gold spread across 280 little bars.


The actual gold found in the airplane lavatory

The article notes that the person who owned the gold was likely smuggling it from Dubai to Bangladesh and got spooked so went to the toilet to dump it.  That begs the question, why should it be illegal to bring your personal gold with you?  If this gold was stolen from someone, that is one thing.  But why not be able to bring your own gold with you wherever you go?

I wonder what the Bangladesh government will do with the found gold?

2 thoughts on “Cleaners find $1.9M worth of gold bars in plane toilet

  1. Ten to one that whoever was transporting it couldn’t give an explanation of how or why they had that much. Plus in USA and many countries, you can’t bring in more than XXX amount of money without declaring it. (10K in USA, I believe). And in many places the restrictions on gold in particular are even more stringent.

    Could YOU explain why and how you were transporting 90 pounds of gold from one country to another? Not likely.

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