The Guy Who Made the Post-Security “Axe Body Spray Frag Grenade” Showcases More Improvised Weapons

I discussed two weeks ago how an internet user who goes by Terminal Cornucopia made a bomb made of materials available after the TSA Security Checkpoint.  His demonstration reinforces the concept that those who wish to do us harm will find a way and that trading our liberty for security is a fallacious trade-off.  Especially when the security you get is the TSA.

Well this guy has now showcased three more improvised post-security checkpoint weapons.  And it is pretty incredible.  (H.T. – Fastcoexist)

First he makes a break-action shotgun which uses batteries, a condom, paper, axe body-spray, and a wire to fire coins as shotgun spray through a piece of drywall.  He calls it the “BLUNDERBUSSness Class”.  See below for yourself

Then he makes a crossbow with a dart that could penetrate a human head using a kids toy, magazines, umbrella, scotch tape, dental floss, Starbucks water tumbler, and a carry-on suitcase handle.  LOL!

Lastly, he demonstrates how to make a Spiked-Club (that he calls ‘Murica) that could also cause great damage to a victim using a Washington Monument pencil sharpener, magazines, and dental floss.

It is interesting that he has sent all his plans and discoveries to both the TSA and the FBI.  The TSA has not responded to him and the FBI have paid him an unannounced visit.

What do you think about his actions?  Is he helping the Terrorists on their quest to destroy us?  Is he helping our Security Apparatus patch holes in their current procedures?  Is he demonstrating the folly of TSA Security Theater?  Maybe a combination of the three?  Just remember we still can’t bring carry-on bottles of liquids, gels, or aerosols through security if they are larger than 3oz.  What will be next?  Axe body spray?  Batteries?

TSA Rolls Out ‘Detention Pods’ at Airport Terminal Exits

(Hat Tip Reader Eric M.) – Could TSA Detention Pods be coming soon to a USA airport near you?

Infowars reports on Syracuse airport, as part of its $60m renovation, has installed TSA Detention Pods which requires passengers to be funnelled into special exists and wait, presumably for only a brief period, in a detention pod before being allowed to exit the airport.  This would potentially replace the TSA Officer who is guarding the airport exit at every airport exit in America (although as I have seen in Charlotte, NC airport, even if the exit is closed or under Construction the TSA keeps agents sitting and guarding the closed exit, presumably to keep or maintain their employee shift schedule).

From the article:

The justification for installing the pods is that they replace police or security guards who would normally stand at the exit, therefore saving money, something which the TSA isn’t normally concerned about given how it is now selling abandoned naked body scanners to prisons for 10 per cent of their value.

According to Karen De Coster, the pods are a way “to remind you that you are a captive” and are “meant to make you feel like a prisoner who cannot leave.”

The prison inmate feel of the devices compliments numerous other TSA policies which critics have charged serve little other purpose than making travelers feel like they are under constant suspicion.

Last week, a Government Accountability Office investigation revealed that the TSA’s $1 billion dollar “chat down” program has been a complete failure in that it is “no better than chance” at identifying genuine security threats.

This seems like a very slippery slope to me.  Why does the TSA keep encroaching on the things we do while we freely transit in public?


Guy Builds Bomb with Materials Available After TSA Checkpoints

From ModVive.  This guy, in a laboratory built a bomb that could cause physical or human damage all based on materials available after TSA checkpoints.  As a demonstration that government cannot protect us from all risks as we daily trade our liberty for government “security”, a guy named “Terminal Cornucopia” built and detonated an improvised Post-Checkpoint materials frag grenade:

Terminal Cornucopia successfully constructed and detonated an improvised frag grenade. The short chemistry lesson here is that basically the water filled condom breaks upon being thrown which then shorts the battery, the battery short generates just enough heat to ignite the container of Axe body spray. This torrent of events turns the stainless steel mug into a shrapnel bomb. And I shudder to think of what they could do if they had pewter in the lid and an all metal coffee cup instead of one with a plastic lid.

I like the way the article closes, I agree very much with this quote:

The video demonstrates what prisoners in prison have been demonstration (sic) since the concept of prison has existed. People who point their energies towards doing harm to others will find a way no matter what. All someone needs is the desire to do wrong and they will do wrong. There is no legislation for this type of thought. All people need is time, knowledge, and a desire to accomplished a goal. It is humanities greatest strength, that is also our greatest weakness. We know we can do anything we put our minds to- some people just put their minds to wrong things.

When will we wake up and abolish the TSA and Department of Homeland Security?  Let the airlines decide how to best protect their billions of dollars in fixed assets and lives of their passengers.

Check out the full video and instructions, here: