How “Sheeple” Have the American People Become? Comedian Simulates TSA Body Scanner at Candy Store…

Yes, it is sadly true.  Comedian Rich Ferguson set up a prank at a California Candy Store.  He created a security line, much like the TSA security line that exists at the airport, for people wanting to enter a candy store.  He used a model as a prop to perform a “Body Scan” to see under her clothes much like the TSA does to millions of Americans with their scanning technology today.  Then, he required those people behind the model to be scanned as a condition of entering the candy store.  Few challenged this warrantless invasion of privacy, but regrettably most were content to give up their essential liberty (the right to privacy; the right to be left alone; the right to be free from warrantless searches) for what they perceived to be security.  Just like at the airport every day.  See for yourself:


From Paul Joseph Watson, who found out about this prank (emphasis mine):

The prank, which took place in San Luis Obispo, California, utilized a real mobile body scanner as well as a model who acted as a plant by being scanned repeatedly. A man with a hand wand played the authority figure who assured shoppers that the body scan was necessary for their “security” and to detect weapons.

While the video shows numerous passers-by objecting to the idea of body scanning to enter a candy store, the makers of the short film made it clear that the majority of people stood in line and were perfectly happy to be scanned.

Wow.  Americans today are so conditioned by their upbringing, public schools, media, etc. that they willingly submit to this as part of the daily routine of life.  And at a candy store.  This is not the US Consulate in Kandahar.

The only difference between the “scanner” used for this prank, and the TSA scanner is this: The TSA scans you and they can see everything just as clearly as this prank “scanner” except the agent who is looking at your underparts is behind a closed-off desk and cannot see you in-person and your image projected to them is that of a “blob” body without your curvature and features.  We are told by the TSA that the people behind the closed-off desk looking at your underparts cannot bring a camera, phone, or anything else to transmit these images.  But we are having to take our word from an agency who advertises for new employees on pizza boxes and who has employees not afraid to steal from passengers.

We will never get our privacy and freedom back from the likes of the TSA as long as a majority of Americans are A-OK trading their freedom for perceived security like these sheeple in San Luis Obispo.  What is to stop the TSA from rolling out their body scanners at the NASCAR race, Football Game, Daycare, Supermarket?  It seems like we are heading down that path.  If only the TSA would realize these wonderfully delicious targets for bad guys somehow avoid terrorist incidents without body scanners.  Why are airplanes a special case?

The bottom line: I don’t think the TSA cares that you are 250 times more likely to be killed by the US government than a terrorist (according to a US government study).  They aren’t going to hang up their blue suits, blue gloves, and walk away from their pensions until Americas at large are outraged.

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