Hertz President’s Circle Status Match – And First Hertz Upgrade – The Disgustang



She’s electric blue.  Soft top convertible.  No blue tooth and if you drive over 60 she warns you to slow down.  But she’ll do for this week in Houston.


the disgustang

This is my first Hertz President’s Circle upgrade.  They originally had me in a Rav-4.  I went to the Gold counter and requested a change to a car that has a trunk to be more secure for my laptop.  They told me to walk over to the Gold row and pick whatever I wanted (which at the time looked like some Crusty Impalas, Nissan Sentras, and Minivans).  I then responded, “those could work fine, however as a President’s Circle member, would you be able to set me up with a different upgraded car?”  She said, “will a Mustang work?”  I replied, “sure, why not?”

I didn’t realize it was a convertible nor that it was four-loko blue until I walked up to it.

My firm switched its preferred rental car vendor from Avis to Hertz for 2014.  And they also offered us a status match.  We were asked to offer proof of our current Avis Status and e-mail Hertz at: Hertzstatusmatch@hertz.com.  I did this, and it took about a week, but I finally received an e-mail stating:

Dear Mr. <Tocqueville>:

I have received your recent inquiry concerning your Hertz #1 Club Gold membership status. I sincerely apologize for the delay in my reply.

I am upgrading your membership to Hertz #1 Club President Circle Gold status. Please allow 24 hours for this information to update in your on-line profile. It is not necessary to have the upgraded membership card to begin enjoying the benefits of your upgraded status. However, in the event you prefer to have a card, you may print one from the Hertz website. Once you are logged onto our website, click on “My Account”, and click on “Print Membership Card” in the member navigation.

President Circle member benefits include guaranteed vehicle availability with a two hour notice, 25% bonus on Hertz #1 Award Points, no blackout dates for certain vehicle classes on special offers, preferred parking spaces for your convenience, and guaranteed one-car-class upgrades. The benefits, including guaranteed one-car-class upgrades are offered at participating Hertz locations in the U.S. and Canada. If internationally registered, the benefits would apply for participating locations in Europe.

Your loyalty is important to us and we trust your future car rental experiences reflect that.


<<Agent named redacted>>

So using this I will see what other cool upgrades I can score.  I hear Houston is one of the better President’s Circle upgraders in the circuit, so I’ll keep you posted on what comes next.

Avis President’s Club Comes Through With Another Awesome Upgrade

These are the words you like to see when in-flight and on your way to pick-up a rental car for the week in Houston:


Your BMW 528I V6 is ready. Go to parking space D17 in our Avis Preferred® area. (License plate # (TX) XXXXX; Rental Agreement # XXXXXXXXX)

And here is what this beauty looks like:


Time to crank it up!

What you don’t want to see at the Avis rental car counter

I flew into Tallahassee, FL (TLH) last month to attend the Florida State vs. N.C. State football game.  I had a rental with Avis.  Avis is a small outfit at the Tallahassee airport, so there is no “preferred” service where your name is on a sign with your car space number written on it so you can proceed directly to it.

So i headed to the Avis counter and saw this:



The line was about 6 deep in front of me and moving nowhere fast.  I waited patiently and about 10 minutes later when I was halfway through the agent at the desk called out my name and handed me my keys after a quick glance at my drivers license.  I was relieved.

The Volvo S60 T5 was a sweet upgrade too…