Photos Around the World – The Canon Powershot G15








For the Trip of a Million Lifetimes, you have to capture all those memories with a camera.  Neither Lady Tocqueville or I are photo geeks, as long as the photo depicts the moment and looks alright, it is good for us.  However, we are trying to step up our game for our trip.  We consulted our wedding photographer who lives, breathes, and smells cameras, about the right camera for us.  What we wanted in particular was:

  • Something that could take decent photos and video
  • Something relatively small
  • Something for less than $600

I never really realized how expensive really nice cameras were.  At first we looked at Canon’s highest end cameras, like the T3i and the 60d, but couldn’t get ourselves to justify the cost.  I can tell they are high quality cameras with great optical lenses for zooming.  But we just don’t value photos that much.  And we want something smaller.

That is why the Canon Powershot G15 was right for us.  Still better than the point and shoot variety, with just enough features and tweaks that once we learn more about photography we can make some good pictures great.  Amazon had a whole kit on sale for $499, and I had a $500 amazon gift card.  So it was meant to be.


In addition to the Camera, the kit came with a 32gb memory card, a SD to USB adapter, a small tri-pod, cleaning material, an extra high-capacity battery and high-capacity charger.

Now we’ll be able to bring you high-quality shots from the road.

More Gear for the Trek – For Ladies

Going around the world for 10 weeks in a carry-on is hard enough as it is.  Especially for ladies.  Luckily Lady Tocqueville is an ardent adventurer who can accomplish this task.  She needs clothes that are lightweight, breathable, layer-able, durable, and at least somewhat fashionable.

Luckily – REI came through on this.  She was able to get Columbia zip-off pants/shorts, a Columbia Omnishade trekking shirt with sleeves that button up, and a North Face redpoint warm jacket that zips itself into its own zipper for easy storage.  These three layers alone will be instrumental in helping us participate in all the fun and exciting upcoming activities.  Our local REI was well stocked, and with their generous return policy should there be second thoughts before the trip, we know we can return them with no hesitation.




Around the World – What to Wear? – Footwear

This post will be part of a future series on what to wear when trekking the world for 10 weeks out of a carry-on suitcase.

Yesterday Lady Tocqueville and I went shopping for some footwear for what to wear on our trip of a million lifetimes.  I already have some OBOZ hiking boots I used in Alaska in 2011, that are worn in and comfortable.  Lady Tocqueville, on the other hand, was still relying on some old school New Balance sneakers.

REI was our first and last stop.  Their sales reps are excellent.  Their customer service and return policy (a.k.a. no questions returns) are amazing.  The only down side with buying it from the local brick and mortar REI is that we were on the hook for the extortionate 9% sales tax to pay for government buffoonery.

After looking at some hiking boots, Lady Tocqueville settled on some Keen Whisper Sandals.

Keen Whisper Sandals - Straight from REI

Keen Whisper Sandals – Straight from REI

These things are awesome!  They have the bottom of a light hiking boot.  Since we are not carrying packs on our trip, that is all we will need for cushioning.  You can wear them with or without socks.  They are breathable, and very water resistant and heat insulating.  These are a great alternative to the full fledged hiking boot.

Lady Tocqueville will break them in over the next few weeks to make sure there are no hotspots or flare-ups.