Avis President’s Club Comes Through With Another Awesome Upgrade

These are the words you like to see when in-flight and on your way to pick-up a rental car for the week in Houston:


Your BMW 528I V6 is ready. Go to parking space D17 in our Avis Preferred® area. (License plate # (TX) XXXXX; Rental Agreement # XXXXXXXXX)

And here is what this beauty looks like:


Time to crank it up!

What you don’t want to see at the Avis rental car counter

I flew into Tallahassee, FL (TLH) last month to attend the Florida State vs. N.C. State football game.  I had a rental with Avis.  Avis is a small outfit at the Tallahassee airport, so there is no “preferred” service where your name is on a sign with your car space number written on it so you can proceed directly to it.

So i headed to the Avis counter and saw this:



The line was about 6 deep in front of me and moving nowhere fast.  I waited patiently and about 10 minutes later when I was halfway through the agent at the desk called out my name and handed me my keys after a quick glance at my drivers license.  I was relieved.

The Volvo S60 T5 was a sweet upgrade too…