Former Deputy Sheriff Reveals Secrets Police Don’t Want You To Know

Former Deputy Sheriff, Air Force veteran and current radio host Eddie Craig does society a great service in getting into some unbelievable detail about police infringement of the natural right to travel.  Until I watched this video, I did not realize that speeding, stop sign, red light camera, etc. tickets that the police give you are only supposed to apply to people who are conducting business with their travel.

Yes, literally, most state codes on traffic and moving violations are intentionally written to cover those conducting business using the roads, it is the only way the federal constitution would find traffic stops constitutional.  However, police, legislators, society doesn’t tell you this.  I literally did not know that.

Eddie Craig proposes a script to use when stopped by police for non-violent violations of the natural law (attached here).  It is brilliant and bold at the same time.  Using his script, will help you fight the ticket and probably win, but will also result in an angry public peace officer yelling at you, and possibly assaulting you as you remain calm in your vehicle.

The video is a solid two hours, which is alot to sit through but did me right on a recent road trip.  I am going to learn more about Eddie Craig’s system for dealing with law enforcement.  It is impressive stuff.

If things really get bad with the cop, you will be far down the script.  Hopefully it doesn’t go this far:

Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________
, due to your attitude
, demeanor,
and your
continuous threats
falsify charges and commit acts of violence against me
and my property
ile displaying a deadly weapon, I feel physically threatened and in fear for my life.
I demand
that you
cease and desist and
request the
presence of a supervisor. I do not consent to
any of your actions, the use of force against me or my property, or to being forced to exit my car
for any purpose, especially so that you may attempt to steal my property and/or
assault, injure or
kill me.