The Trip of a Million Lifetimes Was Really Where it is at

I have been running this blog for a little over a year.  In that time I have scribed 242 posts and fielded dozens of comments.  Compared to more established blogs like “View From the Wing” or “One Mile at a Time” mine is extremely sophomoric.  Nevertheless, my key messages got out, that The Trip of a Million Lifetimes is easier to make happen than you think and that human freedom and the primacy of the individual is the key to enjoy travel and existence on the earth.

The trip of a million lifetimes

I have slowed down on posts as of recent.  While I enjoy documenting the infringement of natural rights that is the TSA, I am not sure I want to 100% commit this blog to that endeavor.  And I don’t have the time or noteworthy insights to keep up content like the established blogs.  So I will keep this blog up for occasional musings and to keep the pages and links up for the Trip of a Million Lifetimes, which still gets thousands of views each month.

This weekend I’ll take a quick trip to Seattle to attend Frequent Traveler University (FTU) and hopefully meet some of the other bloggers and thought leaders in the frequent file mile arbitrage game.  It should be a fun trip.  I can’t wait to hear about other people’s epic vacations they have taken thanks to the frequent flier mile game.