Marking Your Wold Travels – The Joys of Wall Maps

Recently the wife and I bought a wall map from our local map store.  We paid them to put a 110″ x 76″ Political World Map black metal frame.  It looks great in our dining room.

Political World Map - With Pins

Political World Map – With Pins has the largest selection of World Wall Maps I have seen.  One of my favorites is the classic National Geographic Political World Wall Map.  No matter what map you get, you are going to need pins to mark them with past and future travels.

For ours, we made some strategic pin selections (we only noted those places we have visited for pleasure):

  • we have used dark purple to note which cities to which we have both been
  • green to note where I have been without my wife
  • light purple for my wife has been without me
  • And numbered pins 1 through 23 to mark where we will go on our Trip of a Million Lifetimes starting this August.
Once you get your map up, pin it up.

Once you get your map up, pin it up.

Once you have your pins up, you have a beautiful way to mark your journeys.  And a great conversation piece when hosting folks.  Regardless of your approach, get your map up!  It is more fun than you would think.