Chinese Man Used Refundable First Class Ticket to Eat Lounge Food Every Day for 300 Days

In a report provided to me by reader Sarah K., News.Com.AU flags the story of Kwong Wah Yit Poh, a Chinese man who used a current loophole in airline ticket policy to eat like a king for almost a year.

Basically with airlines if you are flying internationally in business or first class you get free lounge access.  Some lounges are nicer than others.  Some, like the US Airways club offer a bare minimum of food like cheese, crackers, yogurt, and fruit.  Others, like full service lounges (like the Thai First Class Lounge in Bangkok) offer a full menu of hot food, waiter served, and more.

So Kwong bought a refundable China Eastern First Class ticket and then went in the China Eastern lounge, being admitted by his First Class (presumably international) boarding pass.  After eating, instead of taking his flight he contacted a China Eastern agent and changed the flight’s departure for the following day.  Then the following day, he would do the same thing, and so on for 300 days.  After 300 days I am guessing the Airline started getting openly hostile to him so he decided to quit exploiting the loophole.  He had the ticket refunded back to his original method of payment, presumably a credit card.

Back in the day I have been known to buy a refundable coach ticket to access a Delta SkyClub to enjoy free drinks when staying at a nearby airport hotel.  But those days, at least for me, are over.  And some people really stretched this loophole to the max.