Bold Prediction: Delta Announces SkyMiles Devaluation 8/1

So this is total speculation, but I predict tomorrow 8/1 Delta will announce a devaluation to Delta Skymiles.  There has been speculation amongst the bloggers that revenue based awards system is coming.  Gary Leff gives a nice synopsis, here.

Basically the rub is that Delta as part of their continued devaluation of SkyMiles, will change their awards system to one that gives awards fully correlated to revenue spent, not just “miles earned”.  This will take away the aspirational redemption values of business class flights.

Well I am trying to ticket an award ticket with Delta today.  The ticket hold expires tonight, so I need it done ASAP.  Well the agent said the SkyMiles system is down, and will hopefully be back up in another hour or so.  I have a feeling, given that it is the end of a month, and this devaluation is expected to be announced anytime, that the system is down so they can upgrade their systems into production for the devalued revenue based awards system.

We’ll find out tomorrow, won’t we.  In the interim, hope that Delta gets its current system up fast so I don’t lose this award ticket on hold!