The TSA Security Theater Picture Blog

A tumblr photo blog, TSA Security Theater, has been started for people to post their photos of the TSA.  Whether standing around on the job, groping your fellow Americans in the name of security, or generally wasting taxpayer money, submit your photos of the TSA.

A pretty funny concept if you ask me.  Let’s see if this catches on.

Flight Attendants Picket Over TSA Mandate That Pocket Knives Are to Be Allowed on Flights

Reason has some excellent coverage of how some Flight Attendants are picketing to protest the TSA re-allowing pocket knives less than 2.36″ in length being allowed on flight cabins.  Maybe they forgot the many decades which passengers could bring aboard almost anything without arousing fear.  I was once denied boarding a flight because I had a wiffle ball plastic bat as a carry-on item.

To support the protest of passengers carrying pocket knives, the Association of Flight Attendants Writes:

The TSA was created because blades on airplanes were used to cause this deadly attack on U.S. soil.
There’s no excuse for reversal on the policy to ban knives from the aircraft cabin. Multi-layered security, including prohibition of items that could pose a threat, ensures U.S. aviation is the safest in the world. The ban on dangerous objects is an integral layer in aviation security.
Flight Attendants serve as the last line of defense in aviation security – responsible for ensuring the safety, health and security of the passengers in our care. Join us in keeping our aircraft cabin safe. TELL THE TSA TO KEEP KNIVES OUT OF THE CABIN.
If the TSA’s security screenings, rules, and violations of freedom for the sake of liberty are so excellent, why haven’t we implemented them in other aspects of our life?  Why not have the TSA run NASCAR races, College Football games, or chidlren’s day care.  Wouldn’t this keep us safe?
The TSA is Security Theater.  It is a jobs program.  And every day, Washington D.C. robs us via taxation and inflation to pay for these security screenings.  When will we get our pre-2001 freedom back?  Why hasn’t a NFL game been bombed by a terrorist?  Just blind luck?  Reason points out that seven inch screw drivers are permitted on flights, even today.  Shouldn’t the flight attendants be getting worked up about that?