Odds of being killed by a terrorist: 1 in 20 million; Odds of being legally executed by the government: 1 in 80,000 – source: Government

Yes, that is right.

A report put out by the United States’ National Safety Council in 2009 tracks the risk of death for various activities.  Based on their research, roughly 1 in 80,000 Americans will be legally executed by the government.  This includes the dozens of death-row inmates, and Americans killed by police.  Of these killed by police, are those accidentally killed by police through botched raids, incorrect warrants, or misunderstandings.

Based on the number of Americans killed by Terrorists in the last 15 years, your odds of dying by Terrorism is 1 in 20,000,000.  Who should we really be fearing?  The Terrorists, or our own Government?

Who should we really fear?  Terrorists or our own government?

Who should we really fear? Terrorists or our own government?

Because of our fear of Terrorism, foisted on us by all branches of our government, the media, and the elite establishment, we lose so much freedom when traveling.  The TSA is an unconstitutional restriction to our natural rights to travel freely in public.  Sadly, even conservative thinktanks are cheering on the TSA for rolling out “Pre-Check” to those that apply.  For a set of fingerprints, and $85, you can petition the government to get back the kind of security screening you had 6 years ago before the Nude-O-Scopes.  From the Heritage foundation:

Beginning later this year, all U.S. citizens will be able to apply for the program online, which will require applicants to undergo a background check, provide fingerprints, and pay a registration fee of $85 for a five-year membership. Until now, travelers could join the program only if they were members of select frequent flier programs or other trusted traveler programs.

We go through all the hassle with TSA, security checks, letting them do these things to us, all to alleviate the 1 in 20,000,000 risk that a terrorist might get us.  Is the trade-off for security at the expense of liberty really an exchange that is worth making?  Imagine if the government took away all our liberties in the name of security.  We might have more security, but we would have no liberty.  That would be a miserable place to live.  It already exists today, it is called prison.  And even there security is an illusion.  Each day inmates are assaulted or killed.  So even if the government took away all our rights for the name of security, we still would not be totally secure.

Stand up to the TSA, America.

The TSA Security Theater Picture Blog

A tumblr photo blog, TSA Security Theater, has been started for people to post their photos of the TSA.  Whether standing around on the job, groping your fellow Americans in the name of security, or generally wasting taxpayer money, submit your photos of the TSA.


A pretty funny concept if you ask me.  Let’s see if this catches on.

TSA Detains Two Passengers For Discussing a Sandwich

In the TSA Idiocy category, comes this story from yesterday noted by RT.com.  From the article (emphasis mine):

Using slang at an airport could get you in trouble with the TSA: after a 29-year-old airline passenger described his lunch as “the bomb” – thereby indicating the deliciousness of his sandwich – he was detained, questioned and missed his flight.

His lunch was “the bomb,” but the security process was not: Jason Michael Cruz was at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport last Thursday when the Transportation Security Administration came after him.

How many malicious people, ready to carry-out an attack, would talk about bombs out loud to their companion?  While the bozos at the TSA are looking out and detaining these guys, they fail to catch undercover bomb smuggle tests, like this one noted here.  I love how RT finishes off the article:

Travelers wishing to avoid arrest should refrain from describing their lunch items as “the bomb” – even if they do provide an “explosion” of flavor. Speaking about contraptions at an airport may more quickly lead to an arrest than discretely bringing one.

I think the comment that takes the cake comes from an anoymous commenter from the main article, as he says:

The only terrorist stupid enough to announce that he has a actual bomb on him would be a TSA worker.

Can’t make this stuff up folks.