Would The Government Really Add a Witness to the “No-Fly List” From Traveling to Testify at a “No-Fly List” Trial?S stalls no-fly list trial by putting witness on no-fly list – Boing Boing

Chock this up to #OnlyTheGovernment.

Currently the Ibrahim v. DHS is going on, a case that tests the legality of the “No-Fly List”.  The “No-Fly List” is a list of people the federal government has commanded the airlines are not allowed to travel commercially in the name of counter-terrorist measures.  What the federal government doesn’t care about is the fact that such a concept is Constitutional.  It is also a violation of the natural laws.  To travel freely is a natural right that existed before the government existed, or the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  It is noted in the Constitution as something the government cannot restrict in private citizens.  If the Constitution means what it says, which it should, then detaining people without probable cause or preventing people from traveling without an indictment is a violation of the Constitution

So someone has taken the time and expense of taking the government to task for this infringement on our rights.  One of the witnesses in this case was traveling to the trial but:

On the first day of trial, the judge learned that the plaintiff’s daughter, scheduled to testify, was delayed because she had been denied boarding of her flight because she was put a Department of Homeland Security no-fly list. DHS staff deny this. The government’s lawyers told the judge that the daughter is lying. The airline provided documentation of the DHS no-fly order.

Kudos to Malaysia Airlines for actually turning over the no-fly order to the press.  This refutes what the government says and proves they are lying.

Hopefully this will be ruled unconstitutional and people will be free to enjoy the natural right to travel.